atelier Suzuki Parasol

Atelier Suzuki parasol is handmade with the same techniques that have been used for the past 70 years.

We remake memorable Japanese kimono and clothes, and carefully make the one and only parasol in the world.

We also repair umbrellas and replace old umbrellas.

All products are made in Japan.

Parasol Making Project


We untie the kimono sent by the customer, iron it and stretch the fabric beautifully.


Cut into lengths of one panel while considering the design.


Sew the outer part of the parasol into three rolls.
Cut the fabric to the desired size, taking into account its elasticity.
For patterned fabrics, the design is determined by considering the placement of the pattern.


Cut panels are sewn together and temporarily fastened to the parasol to check fabric tension and overall form.
The parasol and fabric are then sewn together, and UV treatment is applied.


We will attach the handles of your choice.
Ateriel Suzuki Parasol original hand decorations are also available in the same fabric as the parasol.

folding parasol

The folding parasol comes with an original storage bag made of the same fabric as the parasol.

Parasols with cut and sewn design


You can also choose a Parasols with cut and sewn design,in which two pieces of fabric are cut and sewn together to form a single parasol panel.
The same fabric can be sewn together in different directions on the top and bottom, or different designs and fabrics of different materials can be used.

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Square Design Parasols

Atelier Suzuki Parasol design registration pending Square Design Parasols is also available.
Various designs are available, such as combining two types of fabrics.

Other square design parasols can be found here.

square design parasol

Parasols reupholstering

reupholstering parasolreupholstering parasol

We can also reupholster parasol and umbrella fabric.
The cost of reupholstering depends on the size and shape of the umbrella bone, so please contact us for more information.

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collection of parasol

How to Order

Please select your desired product (long or folding parasol) and contact us by phone or through our contact form.

After confirming the delivery date and other details, please send your kimono or other fabric to our address.

If you wish to order directly, please use this order form.
When you send us the fabric, please let us know your zip code, address, name, telephone number, e-mail address (optional), the product you want (long parasol or folding parasol), the number of items you want, and any other requests you may have.

*We can make two parasols from one kimono or yukata (or one parasol depending on the condition of the fabric), and one parasol from a haori (Japanese traditional coat).

*Please note that depending on the fabric, such as old kimono, it may be difficult to tailor, or we may not be able to meet your request.

Tailoring Price

  • Tailoring price for long parasol: ¥22,000 (price without tax: ¥20,000)

    Standard handles are made of bamboo. For Japanese snowbell or rattan handles, an additional 1,980 yen will be charged. For others, please inquire.

    The standard core rod is made of white wood, but you can also choose a high-grade oak wood for an additional 5,500 yen. (See below).

  • Tailoring price for folding parasol: ¥22,000 (price without tax: ¥20,000)

    Includes original storage bag.

  • Parasol fabric reupholstery price: ¥16,500(price without tax: ¥15,000)
    (In the case of a parasol tailored by us)

    The price for reupholstering a parasol made by another store (in the case of a standard 8-bone umbrella) is 18,700 yen.
    (Please note that an additional fee may be charged for multi-bone umbrellas and parasols with special shapes.
    (For more information, please contact us usingthis contact form.)

  • Other optional fees

    Cut and sewn design(1 place): ¥5,500 (price without tax: ¥5,000 )

    Untie fee:¥3,300円(price without tax:¥3,000)
    *Kimono, yukata, haori, etc. will cost 3,300 yen to untie if sent as is.
    (If you untie them yourself, no untie fee will be charged.)

*Please note that each price is subject to change without notice.

Core Rods for Parasol

The standard parasol core rod is the bottom white wood.
The top two oak trees are available as an option.
The top one is dark brown oak and the middle one is light brown oak.

Handles of the parasol

The handle of the parasol is made of the following two types of bamboo.

handle of the parasol

From the left, the normal model and the model with strings.

handle of the parasol

The handles of rattan. Left:Usu-yaki, Right:Naka-yaki

We also have a variety of other hands available, so please contact us for more information.

handle of the parasolhandle of the parasol

Miniature Parasols

How about a miniature parasol remade and recycled from your memorable kimonos and clothes?

They are just the right size for interior decoration.

We can also make them from leftover cloth from a tailored parasol.

Main unit price:
Mini size (approx. 28 cm in diameter and 27 cm in length): ¥4,950 (price without tax: ¥4,500 )
Mini mini size (approx. 20cm in diameter and 20cm in length):¥4,180(price without tax:¥3,800)

*The diameter of the parasol may vary slightly due to the elasticity of the fabric.

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miniature parasolminiature parasolminiature parasol